Family Benefit Scheme - ASI:

Date : 10.06.2014


The President/Secretary,

ASI State Branch

Sub.:- Family Benefit Scheme ASI


We had a very meaningful and productive inter action during our meeting on March, 1, 2014. We agreed in broad principal to work together as a single unit and help in our Moto of Academic excellence and members welfare.

Few Schemes were discussed. The following two schemes are almost finalized and need your critical response, so that the same can be implemented as early as possible.

I. Family Benefit Scheme

            Many states particularly Gujarat/Kerala IMA Chapter is providing this scheme, still many ASI members will like to join this scheme from these states also. Broad principal of this scheme is -

(1)   Every State Chapter will be a working unit of this ASI schemes. Its Secretary/ anyone nominated by President will be nodal officer to look after the interest of State members and ASI both

(2)   Scheme will start once 500 members are enrolled. After 1000 members, its elected members will be running this scheme.

(3)   Admission fee Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 30,000 on age wise pattern.

(4)   Rs. 1,000 as Annual membership fee (Life membership fee - to be decided)

(5)   Fraternity Contribution Rs. 1000 per death per year for 25 years continuously.

(6)   Benefit – Once scheme starts with 500 members, Family Benefit will be Rs 3lacs to start with. On 1000 members – Rs. 5 lac and will increase as member increases (500 times of number of member)

(7)   After 25 years no annual fee.

(8)   Money saved will be used for various academic and social welfare activities.

            The money earned after deduction of all liabilities will be shared between ASI and State to be decided in its first meeting.

            Once you agree to these broad points of the scheme, and give your opinion within 15 days, a final draft of full details of Scheme will be marked to you with requisite forms and date of starting the scheme.

            Kindly do cooperate and support this scheme for benefit of ASI members in general and start few more academic and social activities jointly.

Thanking you,

Sincerely yours,

(Dr. Satish K. Shukla)

President ASI.

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