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Believe In Yourself to remove Improbable

Oscar Wild said “We need to believe in impossible and remove improbable”. A surgeon always feels that nothing is impossible; you need a truthful determination and knowledge to back it. Make it I-am-possible by understanding the reality of patient care where uncertainties always come in your way. Train yourself to deal with all probable to achieve your goal and remove fear of improbable.

ASI is completing 75 years of its journey to its present position and has seen many ups and downs but stood well above circumstances with high head. Our mentors have laid a sound foundation with wisdom to promote academics of high standard involving surgeons from all over the world, to give a platform to show our ability to others and learn to improve ourselves from world leader. Many such specialty sections are doing excellent work and putting example to teach other nations in newer techniques. New generation is grooming with high hopes and looking forward to ASI to spread its wings to teach peripheral surgeons and be a part of system to improve surgical services to give better care to our society. It is Government duty to provide such medical care to its citizen, but can not do so alone as evident from various reports. ASI should come forward to be a partner and help in implementing various schemes of surgical oriented programmers and improve quality work. We have members of high devotion and determinations. What is needed is to collaborate in right direction, develop a Joint System and promote it with good result.

ASI wishes to be a partner with state chapter and specialty section to guide them and take their help in promoting various workshops, Symposium and teaching programmers at various part of country and develop 10 to 15 Skill Centers. Similarly arranging education program of CME, P.G teaching and focused symposium on practical basis in each states and periphery with local and other resource will help to freshen the knowledge and gain teaching hours from MCI purpose also. We have talent unparallel in each state, to be identified and involve to teach our young generation and be a part of ASI responsibility.

A high quality skill center at Chennai ASI building is our priority. Plenty of space is available and looking for a partner to help us in developing it into a skill course round the year on minimal cost.

SAARC cooperation on equal terms to entertain surgeons from our neighbor countries and give a good atmosphere of learning from each other resources, to develop a continuous program of learning is our aim. Process has started. Similarly South East Asian countries are developing very well with universal cooperation. We should come forward and form a good partnership for exchange programme to help our surgeons learn what is best available and give our programmes to their surgeons to learn what is best with us. It is also in process to form a formidable academic international cooperative group. In future is to include Far East / Pacific Asian Nations including Australia for comprehensive study programme.

World is a one big center now with so much advancements in electronics and IT technology. Knowledge is on your fingers, but guidance is necessary. We with our resources can be guiding factor in our part of the world and develop into high surgical resource country learning and imparting high quality care to people in general.

ASI membership is around Sixteen Thousands while more than a lac Surgeons are working in the Country. Every year about 200 Surgeons get enrolled as a member while about 3000 Surgeons get post graduate degrees from various Institutions. Reasons for such indifference compel us to search ourselves and role over to see their genuine reasons. Many activities mentioned above and many other new activities including family benefit scheme and Indemnity protection Insurance Scheme will definitely attract them.

If surgeons of all surgical specialties like OB. /Gyn., Orthopedics, ENT, Ophthalmology, Dental and Super Specialty, get united in the form of Federation of Surgeons of India, will be formidable one with more then 1.5 lacs membership. Number matters in democracy and can be a force to reckon in various national policy bodies and National Programees to help in improving surgical teaching/ training and patient care.

I am placing before you an idea of thought which needs your reaction and judicious comments. As I told before nothing is impossible if improbable is removed. Let us develop an International Medical Education Institution / Medical University to impart high quality post Graduate courses/ Super Specialty Courses and short term teaching workshops to the children of ASI member and others, which will be recognized by MCI. Rupees 1 lac will be share money from each member wishes to be a part of it to form an ASI fund on cooperative basis. If 25 acre of land on nominal lease rent of rupees one is available, this dream can come true. Think about it, discuss logically and give your feedback.

Saints, Religious Leaders, Dharma Guru are spiritual leaders, attracts masses for their truthful teaching of life and its philosophy are highly respected person in Society. Surgeon is more powerful than any one as he/she translates the preaching into action giving life to ailing people to see smile on their faces of satisfaction and gratitude. You exemplify your deeds into reality which is visible and appreciated. You are a Savior and Scientific protector of Society. Be proud of it and maintain your dignity with Ethics to be emulated by others.

Long live ASI

Dr. Satish K. Shukla
M.S., F.I.C.S., F.A.C.S., oncologist (USA)
President, Association of Surgeons of India (2014)
Director, Lakshmi Memorial Hospital and Research center
Professor & H.O.D surgery (Retd.) M.G.M. Medical Collage & M.Y. Group of Hospitals,Indore
Chairman/Chief Editor Indian Journal of Surgery (2003-2013)
Governing Council Member ASI (1991-97)
President, Indian Association of Surgical Oncology 1993
Medical Scientist of the Year LIMCA Book 1996
District Governor Lions Clubs International Dist. 323-GI (2004-05)
Associate Editor – The Lion Magazine International (2013-15)
Chairman – Managing Committee, K.K. Collage of Science & Professional Studies
Chairman – Managing Committee, K.K. Nursing College

Dr. Satish K. Shukla
Lakshmi Memorial Hospital and Research Centre
Near Nehru Nagar Bridge, Indore-452001
Tel.No: 0731-2545104/105, 2534410

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