The sorpus money of Rs.50,000/- was received from Dr. B.C.Mishra, Organising Secretary, ASICON’94 held at Cuttack. The amount has been kept as fixed Deposit in the SBI, Medical College Branch, Berhampur.

The annual interest as decided in the Executive Committee will be utilized towards the travelling expenses, local hospitality and purchase of memento for presentation to the senior surgeon who would deliver this prestigious oration. Funds may be added to this corpus by organizers of subsequent conferences and contribution from leading pharmaceutical houses of Surgical industries as per availability and desire of donors.

This amount will be put in a fixed deposit in the name and style of “ASI ODISHA STATE CHAPTER BERHAMPUR ORATION” and never be withdrawn under any circumstance. The Executive Committee has power to reduce this amount it they so like. This resolution was passed in the General Body Meeting held on 14th May, 1995 at Charbatia.

Rules & Regulations

1. The Nomination should be sponsored at least two ordinary Full / Life Members of ASI.

2. Nominee should be a renowned, eminent surgeon of India and must have done some original research work.

3. The subject of Lecture should relate to surgery in any clinical discipline of basic medical science and the lecture be based on original work done by him.

4. Two copies of curriculum vitae and scientific highlighting the scientific contribution of the nominee in advancing the knowledge of Surgery in India should be sent to Hony. Secretary before the end of February every year.

5. The following information should be sent.
a. Bio-Data of the nominee with particulars of outstanding work and list of publications.
b. Whether the work has been original, if so whether it was done in collaboration with others.
c. Nominee’s contribution to the Indian Surgery.
d. The selection will be made by the Executive Committee of Odisha Chapter ASI, and the decision will be final.


1995 Prof. S.Vittal, Madras
1996 Prof. H.S.Ashopa, Agra
1997 Prof. S.K.Shukla, Indore
1998 Prof. H.S.Bhanusali, Thane
1999 Prof. V.Sagdeo, Kanpur
2000 Prof. R.S.Sinha, Patna
2001 Prof.Prof. K.S.Gopinath, Bangalore
2002 Prof. Ashok Medheta, Mumbai
2003 Dr. C.Palanivelu, Coimbatore
2004 Dr. R.Jothiramlingam, Madurai
2005 Dr. Saroj K. Mishra, Lucknow
2006 Dr. R.A.Shastri, Hyderabad
2007 Dr. G.R.Verma, Chandigarh
2008 Prof. S.Sadasivam, Coimbatore
2009 Dr.Rathindranath Sarangi, New Delhi
2010 Dr. Lalatendu Sarangi, Varanasi
2011 Dr. Bharatendu Swain, Hyderabad
2012 Dr. Peush Sahni, New Delhi
2013 Prof. V.K.Kapoor, Lucknow
2014 Dr. Suresh Ch. Hari, Hyderabad


Dr. A.K.Mishra, Organizing Secretary of OSASICON 2003 donated an amount of Rs. 30,000.00 out of the savings of this conference thus raising the corpus fund of Bhubaneswar Fellowship Prize to Rs. 50,000.00. He moved a resolution with proper notice supported by other surgeons of Bhubaneswar in the General Body Meeting held during OSASICON 2009 at Rourkela for institution of Bhubaneswar Oration ward in place of Bhubaneswar Fellowship Prize from the year 2010. This was passed in the Governing Body Meeting and thus Bhubaneswar Oration Award was thus instituted in the year 2009.

Rules and Regulations

1. The first inaugural oration will be delivered during the Silver jubilee Conference of the ASI, Odisha Chapter in the year 2010.
2. The orator will be nominated by the EC of the ASI, Odisha Chapter.
3. The nominee should be a member of The Association of Surgeons of India and a person of National and International repute. Preference will be given to residents of Odisha working outside the state of outside.
4. The nominee should submit a summary of the topic of the oration along with bio-data after he receives proper sommunication from the Odisha Chapter Hqrs. About his nomination. The submitted material should reach the Hony. Secretary, The ASI, Odisha Chapter, IMA House, Ranihat Medical Road, Cuttack-753007 before 15th January.
5. The Subject of the oration must relate to Surgery in any Clinical Discipline or basic Medical Sciences.
6. The topic selected should be delivered by the nominee in person at the Annual Conference of the ASI, Odisha Chapter.
7. A scroll/Medallion would be presented to the Orator during the annual Conference of the ASI, Odisha Chapter out of the interest accrued on the sorpus fund during the preceding year.

2010 Dr. Bhabani Shankar Das, Cuttack
2011 Dr. Nalini S. Kakre, Vellore
2012 Dr. Ashish Kumar Chand, Benguluru
2013 Dr. G.V.K. Rao, Hyderabad
2014 Dr. A.K.Pujhari, Pune


1989 Dr. Manohar J.Joshi
1990 Prof. B.P.Mishra
1991 Prof. M.C.Dandapat
1992 Prof. P.B.Chakraborty
1993 Not Awarded
1994 Prof. PT.Rao
1995 Prof. S.C.Patnaik
1996 Prof. G.P.Mohanty
1997 Prof. N.C.Padhi
1998 Prof. S.N.Panda
1999 Prof. K.M.Pathi
2000 Prof. C.L.N Subudhi
2001 Prof. K.L.Sahoo
2002 Prof. Falguni Ray
2003 Not Awarded
2004 Prof.Sanatan Rath
2005 Dr.K.S.Panda
2006 Dr.K.C.Mohapatra
2007 Prof. Bhabani Shankar Das
2008 Prof. L.M.Mukherjee
2009 Prof. B.N.Mohanty
2010 Dr. Subrat Kumar Jena
2011 Prof. Maheswar Sahu
2012 Dr. Ramesh Ch. Das
2013 Prof. Sribatsa Mohapatra
2014 Dr. MD Ibrarullah


This oration was instituted in the year 2011 and it was decided that the oration will be delivered by a nomination surgeon during the Annual Conference of the State Chapter. Dr. Rathindranath Sarangi was nominated to receive this first oration award in OSASICON 2012.

2012 Dr. Rathindranath Sarangi, New Delhi
2013 Dr. Kanakram Agarwalla, USA
2014 Dr. Nayan Ku. Mohanty, New Delhi


This oration award was created in the year 2012.

List of Recipients

2013 Prof. S.N.Panda, Cuttack
2014 Dr. S.K.Shukla, Indore

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