The surgical Quiz Competition is being held from the year 1995 amongst the P.G. Students surgery. This prize was instituted by Dr. Krupasindhu Panda in the name of his mother and the corpus money was donated by him. The corpus money of Rs. 5000/- has been kept as fixed deposit in SBI, MedicalCollege Campus Branch, Berhampur.

The Heads of the Departments of Surgery of the three Govt.Medical Colleges of Odisha are supposed to encourage the P.G. Students of their department to take part in the said competition. One prize is awarded every yaer to the winner of the competition out of the interest generated from the FD.

List of Recipients

1995 Dr. Kalyan Kar
1996 Dr. D.Tudu
1997 Dr. Diptendra Kumar Sarkar
1998 Dr. J.N.Senapati
1999 Not Awarded
2000 Dr. Rajashri Basu
Dr. Anthur Nahau
2001 Dr. T.S.Mishra
2002 Dr. Swadeep Mohanty
2003 -----------------------------
2004 Dr. Navneet Singh
2005 (1st Prize)
Dr. KRUSHNA Chandra Sahu
Dr. Debi Prasad Mohpatra
Dr. Harish Chandra Mishra
(2nd Prize) Dr. Amit Jaiswal
(3rd Prize) Dr. Saroj N.Sahoo
2006 Not Awarded
2007 Not Awarded
2008 Dr. Biswajit Mohapatra
Dr. Sanjay Kumar Behera
Dr. Debasis Goud
2009 (1st Prize)
Dr. Abhay Kumar
Dr. Abhijit Mohanty
(2nd Prize) Dr. Rabi Narayan Mishra Dr. Alok Ranjan


Three are three prizes for post-graduate paper competition. The prizes were instituted by Prof. Sukumar Das , Prof. M.C.Dandpat and Prof. N.C.Padhi. On a decision taken by the general body of the Odisha Chapter Fund in the year 2002.

The best three scientific papers presented by the PG students of the three Govt.Medical Colleges of Odisha are awarded certificates of recognition by the ASI, Odisha Chapter. The EC of the Odisha Chapter nominate the names of the judges for the said competition and the certificates are awarded in the valedictory function of the ASI, Odisha Chapter.


Dr. S.K.Ghosh from Rourkela donated Rs.2,000/- (Rupees two thousand only) on 31.03.1989 as the corpus money for Rourkela Fellowship Prize. This corpus money was kept as fixed deposit in State Bank of India, Medical College Campus Branch, Berhampur on 30.03.1989 (Receipt No.022524, L.F.87). The annual interest accrued on this corpus money is given to a candidate, who is surgeon working in the periphery, under the age of 40years. The title of the topic for competition will to be decided in the Genaral Body Meeting every year. An article written on the selected topic with reference to his own clinical work or experience has to be submitted to the Hony. Secretary of the ASI, Odisha Chapter every year. The resultwill be finalized after examination of the received papers by the scrutinization committee constituted by the EC of the state chapter.

On 18.08.1989 Dr. S.K.Ghosh further donated an amount of Rs.3,000/- (Rupees three thousand only as additional corpus money for the Rourkela Fellowship Prize. It was kept as fixed deposit on 18.08.1989 (Receipt No.022998, L.F.87).As the fellowship prize was not awarded during the years 1990 and 1991, the interest money of Rs. 1,000/- was added to the corpus fund.

Again on 14.03.1993 during the 8th Annual Conference of The ASI, Odisha Chapter held at Rourkela, Dr. S.K.Ghosh donated Rs. 5,000/- (Rupees Five Thousand Only) as the sorpus money for the Rourkela Prize. As the corpus money for Rourkela Prize.

The main idea of Rourkela Prize is to invite peripheral surgeons to come forward to present their clinical work and experience. During the Annual Conference held at Rourkela on 13th & 14th March, 1993, the eligibility criteria for Rourkela fellowship prize were finalized.

Eligibility Criteria

1. It will be given to a qualified surgeon working in the periphery cadre. He should be a member of the ASI Odisha Chapter (no age restriction).

2. He must not be working in a Medical College in any Capacity.

3. Topic for the competition will be decided in the General Body Meeting every year. The name of judge or judges will be decided by the Executive Body.

4. The winner will not be considered again for Fellowship Prize during subsequent 5years.

1989 Dr. Sudhansu Sekhar Mohanty, Medical Officer, Sukinda, Dist.Jajpur
1990 Not Awarded
1991 Not Awarded
1992 Dr. Siba Prasad Patnaik, Asst.Surgeon, Dist.Hqrs. Hospital, Koraput
1993 Dr. Suru Mohan Rao, Asst. Surgeon, Surb-division Hospital, Titilagarh, Dist-Bolangir
1994 Dr. Bhagaban Mohanty, Surgery Specialist, Dist.Hqrs.Hospital, Berhampur, Ganjam
1995 Dr. Prasanna Ku. Kar, Dist.Hqrs.Hospital, Berhampur, Ganjam
1996 Dr. Babaji Charan Dash, Surgery Specialist, S.D.Hospital, Dharmagarh, Kalahandi
1997 Dr. G.B.Bal, Rourkela
1998 Dr. Prasanta Kumar Patra
1999 Dr. R.P.Majhi
2000 Dr. Saroj Kumar Mishra
2001 Dr. Sadananda Mohanty
2002 Dr. S.K.Das
2003 Dr. Dr. Priya John
2004 Dr. Saroj Kumar Mishra
2005 Dr. Prasanta Kumar Patra
2006 Dr. H.K.Tripathy
2007 Dr. I.Gopal
2008 Dr. Amiya Kumar Jenamani
2009 Not Awarded
2010 Dr. Ashok Kumar Patnaik, Bhubaneswar
2011 Dr. Rajendra Kumar Sahu, Paralakhemundi
2014 Dr. Laxman Kumar Karmi, Jharsuguda


Urology Trust of Odisha donated a corpus money of Rs. 15,000/- to The ASI, Odisha Chapter in the year 2004 for institute an award in its name. the award will carry a Cash Prize if Rs.750/- and will be awarded to the surgeon whose short paper will be adjudged as the best during that year.

2005 Dr. M.R.Sahoo
2006 Dr. Siba Prasad Patnaik
2007 Not Awarded
2008 Not Awarded
2009 Dr. Tapas Mishra


Mr. Dodi of Cuttack donated Rs. 3,000/-(Rupees Three Thousand only) as the corpus money for Bina Bidasariya Prize for original work of Cancer. The corpus money was kept as fixed deposit in SBI, Medical College Campus Branch., berhampur on 09.09.1989 (Receipt No. 0225939, L.F. 97). The interest of the corpus money is being given as a cash prize every year in the Annual Conference of ASI, Odisha Chapter.

Rules and Regulation

The prize shall given annually to a surgeon (must be a regular member of ASI) of the state of odisha, for original research work of cancer carried out inside the state. The candidate has to submit a synopsis of the original work to Hony. Secretary of The ASI, Odisha Chapter. The executive committee of the chapter will form a scrutinization committee will be final. The committee may with hold the award for a particular year, if as certain standard is not reached. If in any particular year no prize is awarded, the amount of interest accrued out of the corpus money during that year will be credited and added to the corpus money.

List of Recipients

1989 Dr. Kalyan Kar
1990 Dr. S.K. Mohapatra
1991 Not Awarded
1992 Prof. M.C. Dandapat
1993 Not Awarded
1994 Dr.Charan Panda
1995 Dr. K.S. panda
1996 Dr. Sudhansu Sekhar Panda
1997 Dr. Bhagaban Mohanty
1998 Not Awarded
1999 Not Awarded
2000 Dr. Biswa Nath Mohanty
2004 Dr. Prafulla Kumar
2005 Dr. Saroj Kumar Mishra
2006 Dr. Amiya Ku. Jenamani
2007 Not Awarded

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