Professional Indemnity Scheme - ASI:

Date : 10.06.2014


The President/Secretary,

State Chapter of ASI

Sub.:- Professional Indemnity Scheme - ASI


            Let us move forward together to take members along in our journey to academic excellence, family happiness and personal freedom to devote our energy for positive output to benefit patients. With more and more legal cases coming year by year, every one of us, is facing these odds with a disgust feeling as complication even after full judicious care are ought to come, on which probably you have no control.

            ASI has been discussing Medico Legal Cases and Surgeons plight for decades and protested also as situation comes at various platforms but no relief.

            If we make a united efforts to deal with this problem through ASI, will take care for all your problems at all stages, a great mental/ financial relief will be surely there for members.

            ASI New India Professional Indemnity scheme was started in 2002 with good response but failed as subsequent office bearers did not take interest as desired. Taking lesson from this scheme, a New Scheme is under final stage and needs your careful but critical evaluation and suggestions to improve it. This will be a joint effort of ASI and State Chapters.Following are the basic points of the scheme.

(1)   This will be in collaborations with one of the existing, recognized Insurance Company with H.Q. at Chennai.

(2)   Chennai ASI office will be office for this Scheme, managed by its members committee with ASI office bearers, to start with. Once 1000 members are enrolled elected body will come into existence along with ASI officials as Ex Officio Members. G.C. and GB will be the supreme body to control and regulate the activities. State representation on Zonal basis can be considered.

(3)   ASI members, individually and their Institution with its employee will be eligible to enroll in this scheme.

(4)   Each ASI State unit will be its functionary unit. Each state will be responsible for the ASI members residing in that State for all transaction, working, supervision and liabilities. Each State can form a separate Professional Indemnity Cell to look after this or Secretary/Joint Secretary under its executive body can look after this scheme. Each State can appoint a liaison officer to look after this work.

(5)   Members once enrolled have to pay the same amount as being paid to his existing company will full advantages. A nominal fee of Rs. 500 will be charged as Admission fee initially

(6)   Forms will be submitted to each State Chapters and will be forward to ASI H.Q. Chennai. All cheques are to be deposited in State Chapter account and to be transferred every month to ASI accounts electronically and the same to be informed by email.

(7)   ASI H.Q. will process and forward the form immediately to Insurance Company office and will remit money every month. Do not worry of time lapse of few days, as has been taken care of.

(8)   ASI will get its due share which will be shared by State Chapters.

(9)   Life Insurance Coverage, Household fire, Thief, Nursing Home Coverage, Accidental/Disability coverage will be on nominal rates, much below the market rates, as covered under this scheme.


1.   A team of Surgeons and Expert Lawyer will form a Medico Legal team at –

(a)   National Level, Delhi

(b)   State Capital

(c)   Districts

Surgeons will be nominated by ASI while Lawyers will be nominated by the company.

2.   In case any case in District forum, State forum or National forum is registered Surgeon concerned will contact the Designated Surgeon in that District and inform the Secretary of the State Branch. Provide all relevant documents to District ASI representative who along with Lawyer will defend you at all levels.

3.   In case of award against the Surgeon, it will be the responsibility of the Insurance Company to pay.

4.   Similarly all other cases, claims have to go through the Medico Legal Cell for prompt action and result.

5.   In case of criminal action of any kind by any patient, the city chapter, or State Chapter will look after the interest of the surgeons/hospital urgently.

In most of Medico Legal problems related to Medical negligence, Doctor evidences is the most important evidence and valued by the Commission also. Under this scheme with expertise available will benefit the Members

Please give your response with 15 days with suggestion, so the same can be started at an earliest.

Thanking you,

Sincerely yours,

(Dr. Satish K. Shukla)

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